Friday, August 10, 2012

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!!

"I'll drink to that, yeeeeh-eeeeyeeaaa!"

I am WORN.OUT. I got off around 3-ish made it home before 4 and have been lounging on the couch in a sports bra and some yoga pants since then! Tired. Between the oh-so-boring orientation most of the week and then the hands-on training I did yesterday and today.....I am beat! I am a patient care assistant/ CNA on the busiest floor of a hospital (surgery)..... and if you know anything about that position, the title should be ENOUGH SAID. But for those that don't know I am the assistant that answers the call lights when patients have any kind of concern i.e. fetching water, assisting to the bathroom, cleaning/bathing those that can't help themselves AULLADAT lol...... except pain. That part is the RN's job ::It will be my job in about a year tho!!:: I got a few things to get used to... ya'll pray for me lol. But tomorrow I have the day off, and I will definitely milk it. I have a few errands to run but it's all good for the majority of the day.

I am thankful to be back on the workforce, and doubly thankful that I will be gaining so much experience AND making a paycheck and the same time! 
God works in mysterious ways :)

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