Friday, May 25, 2012

Out with the old....

Me and the Hubby-to-be have been recently chatting up new furniture. We currently are sitting on the bachelorette/college furniture that I owned before we met and I'll be honest....... it's not very company/entertainment friendly. It's basically a little couch that lets out into a futon and a side little butterfly chair. So if more than 2 people decide they want to come over and hang out, there won't be any where for anybody to sit! O.o Uhm yea, It's definitely time to UPGRADE to some more grown up furniture pieces. Lol.

Did a little internet shopping and we came across a style like this:

It also comes with a love seat. I think it will be just what me need as OUR first living room set. They have these at rent-a-center. Now I'm not a rent-to-own person, actually I hate the idea of knowing that we would end up paying way over the original price by making weekly payments. But they have a "90 day same as cash" option that we can do and it doesn't cost any extra money. And that makes me excited!

Now All I gotta do is get rid of the old and make room for the new stuff. I decided to put the couch for sell over on craigslist this morning and I've already gotten a few offers! Wow, that makes it so much more real for me.... I think I'm going to miss my old couch :(

Cue Hi-C's "Graduation" hit......

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