Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bye Spring break. Why does it have to end????

I had a HORRIBLE sleep last nite!! I watched friggin' "Revenge of the Leprechaun" on SyFy and visions of that gremlin-like creature standing next to my bed kept popping up in my head throughout the nite :( ::I suffer from over-reactive imagination syndrome, especially during sleep hours.......Okay, so it's not a real diagnosis but I bet you can't tell my brain that when it's conjuring up all of these off the wall dreams while I sleep!!:: That plus I have this annoying stuffy nose and dry itchy throat goin on..... sleeping last night was out of the question! 

Oh, how I stray from topics so easily.......... Lol.

The title is basically what I've been saying to myself allll weekend about spring break. My spring break is OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY over today. School starts back bright and early for me at 06:30......yay. I am excited that I am a Level II student though.... I get to draw blood and start I.V's in this class.... definitely looking forward to that! I do wish I could have another day or three off though. That too much to ask?

I forgot to tell you guys how my spring break went! Well if you are thinking I did some pretty interesting stuff..... you are sooo not right! I went to visit my fiance while he was on the job; almost not the best idea. He was so worried that something would happen to me while I was there ::he works VERY VERY close to the border of Mexico, like I could literally drive down the road, park my car and walk across the border and be in another country. How cool is that??:: that it was like he didn't want me to do anything but stay in the hotel while he was at work......but he was at work ALL DAY. I mean I know he was just tryna make sure nothing happened cause he couldn't be with me but, gol-lee! I did get to sneak to the casino that had out there called Lucky Eagle. Ya girl hit over $300 in less than an hour!! I was sooooo excited cause I had never won that kind of money gambling, that I left right after that! Ha! Not about to lose my money trying to play it back!! See, I was smart/cheap :)

That was really the highlight of my spring break.... I came home after a few days of being there and haven't gotten into anything else since. Didn't go to any St. Patti's day parties either..... apparently they had all the festivities [like the parade and stuff] that morning and I knew nothing about them until later!! Sucks. Oh well.... 

Church time! Hope everybody has a blessed day!! Enjoy the people that love you :)

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