Saturday, March 24, 2012

And it begins: Protective styles

As I talked about in a previous post I have decided to go on a protective style kick. It starts today and I want to see if I can last until then end of my school semester [first week of May]..... that's about 8wks. Can I do it? We are definitely about to find out! The goal I want to achieve out of this is to retain as much length as possible; I'm sure I can.

You know how everybody has a hair growth spurt during sometime of the year? Well I believe that mine is between Feb and Aug.....yea, it's pretty long! And now that I'm in a city where from March til October it's HELLA HOT most of the time, I should see some really good growth. Cross ya fingers for me:)

I DC'd and co-washed my hair yesterday and ended up doing a semi-protective style for the week. I say semi because some of the ends of my hair are still exposed but its not touching anything. That means it's not protective right? ::shrugs shoulders:: .......... Eh. Anyways here is the hairstyle:

In the back all I did was part the back section from ear to ear, put it in a ponytail and pull the pony upwards to connect it to the next sectioned off piece of hair. Basically it was all up and tucked away except for the top ponytail and the piece I pulled to created the fullness of the curls. ::These are straw curls btw.... hence the drinking straw still in my hair lol::

SN: This actually ended up being a fail for me! I didn't leave enough hair out so the curls looked really spaced out to me....Even after I separated them :(

Kinda cute? Not cute? Ya'll let me know! I'm still trying to gather some more inspiration for protective styles too so if you know any don't hesitate to share!!!


  1. Good luck on with your protective styles Bee! I've been bunning a lot to protect my ends,so this week I'm ging to do flexirod sets to spice it up. =) Have you ever tried them?

  2. Hey thanks Marie!! Yeas I tried flexi-rods, I don't use them often though cause they take FOREVER to dry on wet hair! I usually do them on damp to dry hair. How do you like them?