Monday, February 6, 2012

Mind Right Monday!

***Note to self: NEVER go grocery shopping the day of a big event EVER AGAIN. I spent about 2 hours in H-E-B yesterday TRYING to shop!!  Over an hr squeezing through the isles for items, 35 in a checkout line, 10 looking for a a parking spot and 15 waiting on a damn buggy! Effin' superbowl.*** 
Another week is upon us! Time to get focused for the week!

  • Study at least 30 everyday ::gotta test next week!::
  • Life, health and strength
  • Being in my RIGHT mind..... most of the time
  • Lewis
  • Closeness that nursing students tend to share with each other
As you can see, I don't have much of a list for goals this week. My main focus is staying up on my readings for my upcoming exam..... My clinical instructor informed us that the first test we took was the most EASIEST one we would take all semester!!! ::blank stare::  I thought that test was pretty hard! I can only imagine what the others will look like..... so I'm keeping my nose buried in my Med-surg book from now on. I trying to do slamming on this next test because next weekend I plan to visit one of my best friends to party it up birthday-style and I don't want be Debbie downer and all semi-depressed cause I didn't do well. Also if I do good, then I get a new pair of shoes!! ::courtesy of the boo, he just doesn't know it yet lol:: 

OH Oh OOOOOOOHHHH!! Love and Hip Hop: The Reunion comes on tonight!! I'm soo tuned in... I wonder if Yandy and Chrissy are even going to be in the same room since the have that MAJOR beef and all

Hope all of you have a rockin' good week, whether it be at school, work, at the grocery store lol..... wherever!
Do you have any goals this week? What are they? Who or what are you grateful for? Are you watching the reunion? Who was your fav person on the show? Least fav? FEEDBACK ENCOURAGED :)

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