Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Job ish

I recently started a work-study job on campus in the writing center as a tutor. (Work study for those that don't know, are the jobs students get based off of their financial aid) Well it's not exactly what I imagined it to be. The training that they require for the position is kinda unnecessary if you ask me! Like critical thinking power points and writing a response to everything you read during training....I just want information and tips on being a tutor please!! I mean I feel like it's a work-study job, not an English class! I'm only on campus for class two days a week (Mon, Tues) so I should only come in when I'm actually on campus already, right? That part is my bad, see I scheduled my hrs to where I came in like 4 days/wk...... 2 of the days I'm in class and the 2 non-class days I'm circling parking lots tryna find a spot for like 15-20 at a time...No bueno. And plus I'm not at the job long enough to want to drive 15-20 to get there on my non-school days. I just can't keep doing that to myself.

So as I'm doing my daily internet surfing thang over the weekend, I see that I have a email from a healthcare jobsource website that signed up for. They had a PRN patient care attendant  position open in a hospital not too far from me. They want you to be a CNA (I'm not) but they would consider you if you are currently enrolled in nursing school (And I am!). I applied ::of course:: and I hoped that they would call me in for an interview.....

Guess what? They did! Well really they sent me an email telling me to come in next week for a group interview. I quickly RSVP'd my spot cause I will be in the hause for that one! I'm excited!! I mean it's not one on one but if they like me then I get to come back for a separate interview, and that's what I'm hoping for. The hours of the interview are during my scheduled time at the writing center..... debating whether I should try and slip out early or come in late. Hhhmmmmm........

In other news: I get a relaxer Friday!! I'm extra stoked cause I want to see if I've made any progress..... I'll make sure and post pictures too!



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