Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I've been doing

I haven't gotten to post much in about a week.... with school, Lewis being home and sheer laziness I've been pretty tied up.

At school we checked off on medication administration... I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to properly draw up the medicine or give the injection; but it went smoother than I thought. Thank goodness

Here are what they gave us to play with:

Not only was I scared I would do the procedure wrong, I was also nervous about sticking myself! Real needles btw..... I'm a lil pro now, I try and draw medicine every chance I get!

Lewis came home and we tried to make the most of our time together, especially yesterday, since he was only here for a week. Went and caught a matinee ::Red tails, which was a really good movie I was surprised:: and out to eat at Saltgrass steakhouse. I'm guessing his schedule for now is 2wks on location and 1wk off ::which he'll prolly NEVER take entirely off, cause he can't stand to sit home longer than 2 days:: He left this morning and won't be back til the first of next month..... Sucks not having him around that often but it's better that he does this travel work now instead of once we start trying to start a family.

I'm going to be searching extra hard for a good bank to open our savings account in.... we gotta start putting money away for the wedding and other little life events. He doesn't care what the interest rate is on the account but I don't want to dump our money into a bank that's only going to like 0.01%!! Just ain't happening.

I got my first exam next week.... EEEEK!! I did my last day of school for the week today so I'll be hitting the books HARD for the rest and some of the weekend to make sure I fully understand the test material. Yay :-/

But other than all of that....I've been a super happy person :)
Guess I'll turn it in, clinicals wore me out!!

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