Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding stuff

We have decided on colors!! And I'm soooo excited because it's like a step forward in the wedding process. The colors are goin to be red, purple and gold. Lewis's favorite color is red and mines is purple... the gold we just threw in cause silver we weren't feeling anymore (that was the color we first decided on) Here's how the colors look in my head:

Super pretty, huh? Lewis liked the combination when I showed them but he did make the comment " the colors look like the abbi dabi people" *eyeroll* typical Lewis. Next on my to-do list is a date. We can't make too many plans without knowing exactly when everything is going down???? We initially wanted to do it pretty soon since our folks don't like the idea of us "shackin" but I'm still in school getting financial aid and if I get married now, I'll no longer be eligible for aid since Lewis makes too much $$ and that means we'll have to pay out of pocket for it :-/. So, we are playing it smart! My cheapiness is rubbing off on my boo :) I'm thinking that we should set the date for maybe before my last semester of nursing so that I'll be omw to graduating and things will be less stressful for me!! The ceremony is going to be in our hometown church in Tyler and I might just have my whole bridal party lined up already (in my head for now) I'm tryna stay ahead of the game ya'll so I won't get stressed out.....being stressed about the program will be a whole lot worse if I have to worry about my wedding on top of it! Keep us in your prayers!!

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