Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love and Hip Hop

VH1's "Love and hip hop" is what I've been watching ALL day. 
Like seriously
I guess they are showing every episode up to the last one that aired this past Monday. I've been curious about this show for a while, but I'm not a reality show fan AND I haven't had cable in YEARS!! Lol hard times people...... I hate to say this but: I'm actually digging  this show! I love all the drama and petty misunderstandings that spiral out of control! I don't have a favorite cast member cause I dislike something about everyone like Chrissy is BULLHEADED. She reminds me of some people I know how they can take a tiny part in the entire conversation and BLOW IT THE EFF UP. Ha! They better watch her..... but the way that Kimbella delivered that news to front of everybody?? She should've gotten socked in the face, just not by Chrissy. Emily definitely, but only because Kim was like pouring salt in her healing wounds!!! Em seem like so many other chicks out here that can't let a dude go.... sad case. Olivia is just plain mean to Somaya; poor girl can't do nothing right in Liv's eyes and clearly she ain't let that beef from the first season go.... I mean come'on son, she made you shoes!!! #meany. Somaya, bless her little heart she really trying to get her rapping career off the ground, ya'll think she got talent?
Welp, back to the show :)
Who do you like on the show? Who don't you like? 
Let me know!!

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