Sunday, July 21, 2013

Relaxer Update

**Written July 12th, 2013***

Relaxed after 15 wks, my longest stretch this year. I think I like it better when I stretch 11-12 wks, so I'm thinking I'll be sticking to that from now on. I didn't really have much of a problem with the stretch itself [mainly because my hair was in a protective style for 6wks of it] it was just at 13 wks post, I felt like I had to blow dry it after every wash just to be able to manage it and I didn't want to rely on heat to stretch it out.

I am pleased with how quickly my hair is recovering from the damage and how nicely it's growing back in. There is still maybe about a 2 in. difference between the broken pieces and my unaffected hair but I plan to just get my hair to certain length and then trim back to that length until all my hair is one uniformed length again. I've been APL since April but I began to trim it up then...... I'm just going to let it grow back to APL and then keep it there until my strands "catch up."

I feel as though the senagalese twists were a good protective style, I think I just like braids better. They hold there form longer and your hair isn't as noticeable as with the twists. My verdict: I'll stick to braids.

Focusing on keeping my ends as healthy as possible and retaining length!


  1. Your hair is looking good, Bee! Keep up the good work & HHJ!

  2. Amazing progress! You know what really helped my hair growth experience? Elasta QP's Mago Butter Moisturizer (heard they just changed the name and added the worth "growth" somewhere in there. LOL. But putting it in my hair at night, then sleeping with a shower cap! My hair grew the fastest it's ever grown and I made it to APL in the matter of months (from SL). Best of wishes on your journey and thanks for sharing your journey with us!!


    1. Thank you Kimberly! I currently use the Elasta QP, and I agree it has really helped keep my hair moisturized. I don't like for my hair to be super damp all the time so I have to stay away from the shower cap- but thanks for the tips!

  3. Sorry for the typos! Worth should be Word*. And those parenthesis should be closed at the end of that sentence ;}.


  4. Looking good :) I find it hard to stretch longer than 12 weeks too x