Thursday, July 11, 2013

9 days left..... but who's really counting?

Our countdown has made it to the single digits!! My honey love and I will be husband and wife next weekend..... nobody told me time would move this fast!

Last weekend we made a trip to East TX to finalize wedding details with everyone; paid off balances, set times, and made last minute purchases. Pretty much all we need to do next week is show up with a CD for the ceremony with our wedding attire in tow lol. It feels good to be done with all the planning! 

My bridesmaids threw me a bridal shower (that I forgot to take pics of!) while I was there. It was really nice! I don't have many "friends" but that made no difference cause we had FUN with who showed up. One of my BM asked if I wanted a bachelorette party........I do but I'm a little nervous that there will be some extra raunchiness going on lol 

Oh well..... I'm only going to be a bachelorette once, right?

Everyone kept asking if we were ready to get married. Well hell, it's almost too late to be unsure. Then the question "are you nervous yet?" kept popping up. If I am nervous, I honestly can't feel it. I do think that my anxiety level will be higher than normal the day of but as of right now, I'm chilling.

We went and got our marriage license earlier this week, it's already 75% officially now.... just need a Pastor's signature and it will be legit!

 You know what I keep saying to myself  "I can't believe I am about to be MARRIED."

Crazy world we live in that somebody would actually pledge their life to me.... lil ole me....... Guess somebody said I was worth it :)


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  1. I remember when you announced that you were engaged, time has flown by, congratulations again and all the best for the big day x