Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hair: Personal protective style challenge

After getting a hair cut with this last relaxer [it put me at SL] I still have high hopes for getting to APL in the summertime, maybe around July? I know in order to get there or even be close I have to retain all the length that I gain from here until then! I am planning to start a personal protective style challenge when school start back from spring break. Since my classes are only 8wks at a time it's a more uniformed tracking period for me and it will keep me motivated cause I'll constantly be out in public.....  but I have a problem: What styles can I use? For some strange reason I have been having a hard time coming up with protective styles.... weird huh? I guess I need to scour the internet and youtube for some inspiration cause right now the best I got is a bun. Lol.

This is all I'll talk about for now on it.... more when I start it up after spring break!

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