Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School dayz

Today was the first day of the spring semester at my school....... break officially over!!
Back to my NURSING STUDENT grind :-)
This 8-weeks we will be learning how to give oral and intramuscular medications.... Do you know what that means???? I get to give patients INJECTIONS.
WAIT ::evil smile::
I'm terrified and oh-so-excited at the same time!! This is like a major milestone in my eyes, to be able to do these types of procedures means that I am actually LIKE FOR REAL about to soon be a nurse!!! Truly a blessing to be achieving my dream at such a young age, truly.

My lecture class is cool, we are like 3 classes combined in one room so it's like 50 of us! And of course I get stuck sitting next to the butthole guy that knows all about the course :: only cause he's REPEATING it I might add:: so the entire 3 hrs I had to listen to him sigh heavy like class was boring him, click his pen impatiently, and scoff like he was building a MAJOR lugie <-----::do you still say that?:: Distracting and annoying.... dude just had bad juju..... I'll make sure I don't sit anywhere near him next class. Not to mention I hate those repeating students that act all arrogant; uhm hello you're REPEATING this class kidd....be glad you still have a spot in the program! Geesh.

Anywhos, I also plan to start my workstudy job on campus soon..... just still waiting on the HR dept to call me in to fill out my paperwork..... I'll prolly only work about 15hr a week so I can still focus on my studies.

I wish I had more of a social life :( I used to have one before I moved to S.A but since I know hardly anybody I've been confined to my apt. BORED TO DEATH. No bueno...... I hope my job can open up opportunities to meeting cool peeps.

Welp, guess I'll read up a little bit and then do my puzzle tonight til I get sleepy.
Yay studying and puzzle time :-/

Love and Hip hop: Why Chrissy hounding Olivia about Yandy?? Let that girl be cool with whoever she want to!! I feel like as long as she is not trying to stir up mess between them, she can be "loyal" to both. Emily was being messy by saying what Olivia was telling Yandy.... I thought you weren't in it?? Instigator. Yandy was wrong for putting what Jim does for Chrissy in that email.... that didn't have nothing to do with her, but oh well. What do you guys think?

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